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Senior Blockchain Engineer (Rust)

RemotePortugal, Lisboa, LisboaEngineering

Job description

We are looking for a Senior Blockchain Engineer with demonstrated experience in deploying smart contracts in production. You'll be part of a small and agile team developing the on-chain elements of our strategies and systemic risk engine; securely handling serious money flows, sustainable integrations with other on-chain programs (with the help of our team.) You will be working together tightly with the product team led by two of the founders and a solid engineering/financial team to build infrastructure that will allow millions to be part of a financial revolution on-chain. Experience in implementing financial infrastructure on-chain is crucial.

As a Senior Blockchain Engineer at Basis, you will have a central position in making technical and architectural decisions about our smart contract and sdk arsenal. You are expected to continue to build on the foundations of our data pipelines and financial engineering thus far and recruit strong talent to assist you in conquering the roadmap we are building.

Who we are

BASIS is’ fee-sharing token. Holders can stake their BASIS tokens to receive a proportional share of trading fee rewards generated by the Decentralised Basis Liquidity Pool (DBLP). BASIS tokens also give access a high-reward liquidity mining programme as well as discounted deposits into the DBLP in future.
is a decentralised liquidity pool, owned by you, powered by the Basis Trade Engine. The DBLP is a fully-managed, cross-exchange, cross-collateralised, liquidity pool offer high yields on non-directional trades.

Controlled by the basis.DAO and managed by financial markets experts and a top-tier trading team, has the vision of delivering next-level returns, delta-neutral yield, and real-time insights.

Why do we need you?

A key element of our success is developing the simplest, most elegant but foremost, secure smart contracts to automate and facilitate the optimal flow of funds. We derive dozens of strategies on a continuous basis on which we will deploy serious capital. All starts and ends on-chain and the flow of money there needs a creative wizard with a serious talent for understanding where the risks lurk.

Day-to-day activities

  • Take the lead in making technical and architectural decisions regarding our on-chain stack and specific implementation of critical supporting services
  • Interface and align with the Data Engineering and Quant teams on technical scope, decisions, and implications.
  • Spearhead the development of smart-contracts that get funds liquid within our strategies.
  • Focussing on standardised modular and robust implementation of reusable components and functionality.
  • Tackling challenges such as proper abstraction and reusable modular code which can be adapted at the core to derive benefits across all smart-contracts and sdk's. 
  • Ensuring our code-base is well kept, tested and usable across the board for expanding our services and engaging with partner projects.
  • Working together with the wider engineering team to bring them into the fold and allowing them to work with the tools you and your team build.
  • Research new (upcoming) technologies that will considerably improve the quality, cost and speed and or development time of our technical ecosystem..
  • Code review and help junior developers grow technically in their role.
  • Build solid reusable on-chain primitives and methodologies that will eventually end up for all to use.

Why work with us?

  • You have the opportunity to use your skills to accelerate a financial revolution; a massive FU to the traditional banking system.
  • You will be working on data streams that constantly change and will require you to learn and explore new technologies. The density of knowledge you will acquire is catalysed by the speed of the ecosystem.
  • Grow at a pace faster than you have ever experienced and be exposed to financial inside knowledge you would otherwise never gain.
  • We are a small, experienced and completely decentralised team. This grants ultimate flexibility and ownership of your time. We care about shipping and iteratively improving together.

Job requirements

  • Demonstrable work experience in deployed and audited smart contracts (Solana, Cosmos, Terra, Ethereum) with a financial nature. 
  • You have solid foundations in securing contracts on-chain.
  • You have production level experience in maintaining versioning and backward compatibility of state and operations on-chain.
  • You understand the impact of the code you are writing, you are able to think in terms of performance, compute cycles and how to transform typically stateful processes into scalable stateless processes.
  • You understand how things will work in production before they are built.
  • A firm understanding of when (and when not) to use libraries that abstract the management, security and scaffolding of smart-contracts and their interfaces.
  • Security is permanently at the forefront of every architectural decision.
  • You are naturally versed in Rust and Javascript/Typescript.
  • You can demonstrate reusable interfaces and abstraction design patterns as well as how they have helped you compose for different scenarios.
  • Experience with financial/time-series data at scale is a huge+
  • Implementing synthetics, derivatives and structured products on-chain is a huge+
  • Experience with AMM logic and the implementation thereof is the ultimate+
  • Are comfortable with interacting with the basis community on social media and are willing to associate yourself publicly with

About you

  • You enjoy a structured project but are not afraid to get started and rework as you go along.
  • Perfection is the enemy of speed, you pride yourself in moving fast but making the right decisions early.
  • You’re pragmatic; you know when to trade off diving deep with quick fixes.
  • You are a pioneer and you know sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end and it's safe to do so and that gives you energy.
  • You are curious and won’t stop searching and asking questions until you find the answer.
  • You don't wait for answers, you move.
  • You are not afraid to make a tough call the earliest you can. If you can't sleep, no one sleeps.


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