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Senior UI/UX Designer

RemotePortugal, Lisboa, LisboaProduct

Job description

We are looking for a Senior UI/UX designer with proud portfolio of work and experience in primarily web applications but with an affinity for communications related design. You'll be part of a small and agile leadership and communications team as well as our product team to ensure that the complexity of our financial engineering and the underlying strategies are understood with minimal effort. The ability to reduce the core value proposition and the value and benefit of the users' actions in a seamless designed experience is a craft you excel at and enjoy.

As a Senior UI/UX designer at Basis, you will have a persist to translate evolving complexity into an elegant, methodical design language that encapsulates the essence and value of the proposition. The ultimate litmus test is a crafted experience whereby a person solely knowing the name and an interest in crypto, DeFi and delta neutral strategies is carefully guided from his/her entry point (be it twitter or youtube or other) all the way to having deployed capital and enjoying unparalleled returns. This is not something that will be perfect from the beginning but it will be designed with intent and a vision which you hold the brush for, we provide the canvas.

Who we are

BASIS is’ fee-sharing token. Holders can stake their BASIS tokens to receive a proportional share of trading fee rewards generated by the Decentralised Basis Liquidity Pool (DBLP). BASIS tokens also give access a high-reward liquidity mining programme as well as discounted deposits into the DBLP in future.
is a decentralised liquidity pool, owned by you, powered by the Basis Trade Engine. The DBLP is a fully-managed, cross-exchange, cross-collateralised, liquidity pool offer high yields on non-directional trades.

Controlled by the basis.DAO and managed by financial markets experts and a top-tier trading team, has the vision of delivering next-level returns, delta-neutral yield, and real-time insights.

Why do we need you?

One of the key elements to our success is to simplify this enormous complexity into an intuitive and trust building user experience. 

Day-to-day activities

  • Work very closely with leadership and the product team to ensure that all user facing elements that are being built are built with intent and follows a layered plan set out and designed by you. Starting with the core necessities all the way to optimisations which maximise the feeling of ownership and belonging to basis.
  • Ensure there is a uniform message, language and tone used in all our user facing interaction/exposure.
  • Very rapidly articulate your vision for interaction and feel for the elements described above to your team.
  • Ensure that the design language is usable autonomously across the board. The product team should be able to dissect all elements into a reusable library and marketing/comms should easily understand how to deploy your intent in day to day communications to create a uniform voice.
  • Help leadership in steering any communications help we bring on board.

Why work with us?

  • You have the opportunity to use your skills to accelerate a financial revolution; a massive FU to the traditional banking system.
  • You will create the experience that people use to build their wealth. This is an unprecedented playground to apply design and the gamification thereof to build trust and understanding. You get the shape and place your mark on what is thus far a terrible UI/UX experience across the board. It is probably the MAIN barrier to adoption of decentralised finance.
  • Grow at a pace faster than you have ever experienced and be exposed to financial inside knowledge you would otherwise never gain.
  • We are a small, experienced and completely decentralised team. This grants ultimate flexibility and ownership of your time. We care about shipping and iteratively improving together.

Job requirements

  • Demonstrable visual portfolio or not only end result but process of reducing complexity towards being applied.
  • You have experience organising (iteratively) ideas, potential and a working project into uniform experience with intent.
  • You have bridged product and engineering teams with leadership and vision to align all behind one voice.
  • You understand the impact of your design decisions and can think as a user with a thorough understanding of what our typical demographic needs.
  • A firm understanding of what is a priority and what is not.
  • You optimise for a good foundation and thereafter speed of iteration.
  • Experience in Figma, InVision and the likes is a requirement.
  • Experience with block-chain/web application development is a massive +
  • Experience in illustration and a quick hand with a pencil is a massive +
  • Are comfortable with interacting with the basis community on social media and are willing to associate yourself publicly with

About you

  • You enjoy a structured project but are not afraid to get started and rework as you go along.
  • Perfection is the enemy of speed, you pride yourself in moving fast but making the right decisions early.
  • You’re pragmatic; you know when to trade off diving deep with quick fixes
  • You are a pioneer and you know sometimes you just have to dive into the deep end and it's safe to do so and that gives you energy
  • You are curious and won’t stop searching and asking questions until you find the answer
  • You don't wait for answers, you move


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